David Naito
Patterned Oilcan #1Black Oilcan Grouping
Black & White Oil Can Series
In this body of work, I found inspiration in a collection of antique oilcans and focused on the form and its related function. Informed from actual oilcan shapes and scale, these pieces attempt to make a connection to the viewer as they relate to his own hand and work. The original machine-made oilcans symbolize industrialization. What fascinates me is how their modification, the bent tip, implies a person on the job adapted the form to improve its functionality. It is this implied function of these vessels that I hope to convey through the gestured tip. (The human body is still referenced in its utility in adapting these forms.) Traditional glass patterning techniques are used to suggest the reservoir is filled and ready for use.

These oilcan sculptures bring together my interest in form and gesture with my love for glass as my chosen medium.